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Creation now offer various soft flooring options including vinyl, carpet, linoleum and rubber. Soft flooring is a popular option for many because of its comfort and wide range of colours and textures. Once we understand the details of your potential project, budget and timescales we will provide you with the most suitable soft floor covering for your requirement from the options below.

  • VINYL – durable, practical, and cost effective, vinyl flooring is a popular choice for a wide range of businesses.
  • LUXURY VINYL TILES – the ultimate in design, its photographic top layer can mimic materials such as wood, stone or ceramic.
  • CARPET TILES – a modern and stylish alternative to standard carpet rolls.
  • BROADLOOM CARPET – carpet woven on a very wide loom, used for wall-to-wall carpeting for both commercial and residential.
  • LINOLEUM  – a hard wearing flooring option made entirely from renewable sources.
  • RUBBER TILE/SHEET – stylish but an immensely durable floor covering suitable for heavy traffic areas.