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“Polished concrete” is a term used to describe many different floor finishes. At Creation we have unrivalled experience installing the range of floor types that the expression “polished concrete” encompasses. Amongst our fleet we have the ground breaking new floor grinders from HTC – Duratiq – that sets us apart from our competitors to provide higher gloss values to the finished floor.

From micro concrete floors of just 2mm right through to the installation and diamond polishing of groundwork concrete slabs we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver the floor you are looking for.

If you have a pre-existing concrete floor that you would like sealed or polished then we suggest taking a look at our Creation DiamondFlor™ or if you prefer the look of micro concrete which is more suited to retail , commercial and high-end domestic settings please take a look at our Creation DesignFlor™ MC or DesignFlor™ MT ranges.